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Coaches Information Package

Firstly thank you for your commitment to the PMHA this season. If not for volunteers, such as yourself, this organization wouldn't run.   Please find enclosed a guideline/information package to assist with your upcoming season.

Coaches’ Contacts

Executive Members 

President –           Doug Thompson                        [email protected]

Vice President 1 – Jake Major                                 [email protected]

Vice President 2 – Dean Harrington                        [email protected]
Registrar –           Stephanie Walton                       [email protected]

Treasurer –          Heather Rueck                           [email protected]

Secretary –          Erin Thompson                           [email protected]


Coach and Team Manager Contacts

Communication Is Crucial!! We are always available to help, so should you have any problems, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your designated representative:


U7, U9 and U11 Teams

your contact is Dean Harrington              [email protected]  


U13, U15 and U18 Coaches

your contact is Jake Major                      [email protected]


Appointed Directors

Apparel Coordinator - Susie Clugston and Kelsey Ellis [email protected]

Equipment Manager - Susie Clugston and Kelsey Ellis [email protected]

Maltreatment Officer - Jamie MacMillan
Ice Time Scheduler - Derek Rueck [email protected]

Time Keeper Scheduler - Heather Rueck [email protected]

Municipality Recreation Committee Rep - Kirsten Pederson

NDHL Rep - Jodi Tuffy

NOHA Rep -Doug Thompson  [email protected]

Past President - Derek Rueck/Nathan Stewart 

Referee In Chief - Danny Davis

Score Recording - Score Sheet Drop off - Jodi Tuffy

Travel Permit Coordinator - Jodi Tuffy [email protected]
Tournament Coordinator- Grace Walton

Tournament Comittee- 

Voodoos 50/50 Coordinator - Kelsey Ellis

Website Coordinator - Susie Clugston

NOHA Website


Please familiarize yourself with this website. It will provide you with the information you need to run your team:

  • various forms for printing
  • a list of coaching clinics
  • NOHA contact information


With respect to coaching clinics, please ensure your selected coaching staff EACH have the required certification (see attached).  It is mandatory that attendance at courses be approved by PMHA executive first, in order to eliminate clinic costs for unneeded staff.  Upon completion of the required clinic, attendees must submit a receipt to the PMHA treasurer for reimbursement. Only those who have been approved by the PMHA will be reimbursed, so please follow the proper channels.  The clinics tend to fill up quickly, so the sooner you deal with this, the better.


Please note: should you have ANY NOHA concerns, contact your NOHA Rep.   Do NOT contact the NOHA office directly, as the PMHA has, in the past, been assessed a fine for not following proper protocol.  Should a team not follow proper procedure and the PMHA be assessed a fine, the team will be responsible for payment and not the association. 

PMHA Website 


This is our association’s home website, providing a variety of information, including:


  • a list of our executive members
  • upcoming events
  • bulletins
  • individual team info pages


Each coach/manager will be issued a username and password to login to the website, allowing access to inputting/updating such items as schedule, team news, stats, etc.  Utilizing the website is not mandatory; however is a very helpful tool for all teams.  Also located on our website is a LINKS tab, providing you with websites you will likely use over the course of the season.   Once again, please familiarize yourself with this website.

All important Covid 19 related information and return to hockey plans are under the coaches corner tab please ensure you review all items



As each team is responsible for scheduling their own games, please ensure, that a minimum of one of your team staff is on hand to attend the appropriate scheduling meeting:


  • Tier One Teams –TBA
  • Tier Two Teams -TBA


The Ice Time Scheduler will be at the meetings to provide you with ice time slots and assist you through the process.  Some useful pointers for scheduling meeting:


  • show up early
  • bring a second person with you for assistance
  • bring a list of your team’s important dates (i.e. - tournaments, etc.)
  • you will be given some ice time for double headers (two slots in one day) is HIGHLY recommended you approach the teams involving the furthest travel and book them in these time slots ASAP.

If you find it necessary to change to a regularly scheduled game (move it or reschedule due to weather, etc.,) it is the team’s responsibility to notify: the arena, referees, opposing team and both the league’s scheduler, the PMHA scheduler and the time keeper scheduler.  Rescheduled times are to be approved 14 days in advance of game day.



Practice Times


The PMHA allots each team 40 ice times (including games), with payment of any additional ice times the responsibility of the team.  It is also the responsibility of each team to cancel any unneeded/unwanted ice.  If, for instance, you learn the majority of your team cannot make a given practice and you want to cancel it, you must give the arena at least 14 days cancellation notice, in order for it not to be counted as a practice time.  As it happens sometimes, cancellations may be required after the 14 day time frame has passed.  In such cases, contacting other PMHA teams to switch times, may be a viable option.  If switching works, be sure to notify by e-mail, both your designated contact (see Coaches’ Contacts above) and arena management, Rob Giesler, at 


g) Team fundraising: 

1) Team requiring additional funds must outline an estimated season budget and proposed fundraising activities for the upcoming season. Team budgets must be approved by the PMHA Executive prior to try-outs, or September 1st (whichever is sooner), for rep teams and prior to October 1st for house league teams. 
2) All team fundraising must be approved by a majority of team parents at a start of season team meeting. 
3) If a player leaves the team, all fund raised during the time with the team shall stay in the teams funds.

Fundraising is encouraged by the PMHA and is a vital tool to help with costs of tournaments, extra ice time, etc. The PMHA executive asks that all fundraising ideas be brought to the executive before going ahead with the fundraising. This is to ensure that the PMHA is aware of all fundraising being held by PMHA representatives and to ensure that there are no issues. Lottery based fundraising is not allowed due to restrictions with the lottery licensing at the Municipality of Powassan.


The NOHA website has a lot of great ideas listed for team fundraising.

On the PMHA website is a link to FlipGive which a great way for teams to fundraise should they decide to use the app.


The use of ad spaces on PMHA jerseys is allowed with conditions. The ad must be sewed on and removed by Kings Sportswear only. The PMHA executive has a letter for sponsors, to receive one please contact the executive members.




  • Team pictures are the responsibility of the team this year.
  • Teams are responsible for their own water bottles and practice pucks. The Hawks locker will not have pucks this year.
  • The Powassan Family Hockey Tournament, PMHA’s major fund raiser, the date and tournament information is listed under the tournaments tab on the website.  All PMHA parents are required to volunteer. Please remind your team parents of this commitment and watch for emails from the executive for further details.
  • The collection and handling of team monies is the responsibility of each team. All fundraising and tournament ideas require PMHA executive approval.  We need to know what's going on with all our teams.
  • All Powassan Hawks clothing must be purchased through PMHA and our apparel sponsors.  Use of the Hawks logo for any other reason must be presented to the executive for approval.
  • Approval forms giving permission to publicize pictures for the association/team website or newspaper publication must be signed by all parents prior to them being utilized.  Do not post any pictures until the form has been signed by all parents.
  • In case of emergency: trainers are required to have each player’s medical information form on hand at games.
  • Team jerseys are to be worn during games ONLY, NOT practices. Should wearing team jerseys be needed for anything other than games, please contact your designated coaches’ contact, for approval. Rules for team jersey care include designating a team representative to bring jerseys to games, players are NOT to take them home and cleaning them in accordance with the washing instructions found on the attached label.  Hanging them to dry as opposed to using a dryer tends to lengthen their life.

Please be sure to check your email and the Hawks website regularly for updates on procedures and additional information from the executive.  These are our main sources of contact for such a large group.


Once again thank you for your commitment and have a great season!!!!


PMHA executive