Powassan 50/50 (Powassan Hawks Minor Hockey)

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All volunteers should arrive one hour before the game. Simply let the person working the door know why you are there and find an arena staff member to get you the 50/50 box and banner.  Please take the 50/50 banner and hang it on the black staircase leading to the stands.  Arena staff have usually already set up the table that the bar and you will share.  

You will find a plastic bin and the 50/50 bins in Mike’s office or the main office.  There is a duo tang inside with a log to complete, tickets, envelopes/baggies, pens, tape etc. Please be sure to properly complete the log each game. You will need the 50/50 winner’s name, phone number and signature so do not forget to complete that when he/she comes to collect their winnings.  You will also find a $15 float in the bin. Please return this float to the bin prior to counting money for 50/50 draw. Ensure everything is returned to the bin and leave everything as you found it.

Please note that only the parent/guardian volunteers are allowed to be handling the money and tickets. DO NOT LET CHILDREN TOUCH TICKETS OR MONEY! Please ID any person who looks under age.  The kids can be advertising the tickets sales and walking around with you, but are not to handle the money or tickets. Please circulate around lobby and outside in the stands during intermission only!  While the game is in play, please locate yourself at the table.

Upstairs on the PMHA office/equipment room door, there is a drop box. Please put our portion of the 50/50 in a baggie with the date, money amount and drop in into the slot of the PMHA office door.  If the door to upstairs is locked, find an arena staff and they can unlock the door for you to get upstairs.

TWO players along with ONE parent/guardian each are required for each game. Other family members attending the game must pay at the door. The two players will need to bring their hockey gear as they will be skating the Voodoo players onto the ice at the beginning of the game. They will skate around carrying flags then stand on the blue line during O Canada. They must keep their helmets on!! 

Don’t forget to remove the 50/50 banner off the staircase!